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The Urban Fabric

A creative collaboration with our project partners ‘Quiet Down There’

We took part in a three month creative place making residency with Sussex University’s Co-Lab during the winter of 2022/2023

The Urban Fabric was a creative collaboration between ourselves and our project partners Quiet Down There.

We undertook an arts research project with people from our local community including children from Carlton Hill Primary, the Multicultural Women’s group, Sew Fabulous students and Harriet’s press customers.

I designed a textiles activity where everyone was invited to make a representation of a local place that has meaning for them.

Using a wide variety of recycled materials and a backing of interfacing which when heated will fuse the fabrics into place.

Everyone was able to take part as it was easy to manage and left time and space to converse.



We asked the questions

Where do you rest?

Where do you feel most safe?

What is your favourite place on London Road?

Are there places you don’t like on London Road?

We exhibited at local gallery Lighthouse – See it here

This soundscape played in our exhibition space –

Check it out here