The Party Clothes Exchange at Christmas 2019
Saturday 23rd November

Exchange your pre loved party clothes for an amazing new (ish) outfit 

The sustainable, free, Party Clothes Exchange

Last years festival outfit was amazing,  but you’ve worn it one time too many. No matter, bring it along to The Party Clothes Exchange and swap it for a spangly new outfit.

The Party Clothes Exchange is the antidote to fast fashion – a stylish, well styled space to re-style yourself.

A space packed with party clothing with on site stylists to help you choose your new look. A place where money doesn’t talk – or change hands at all.

A circular economy sustainable fashion project you can take part in, and party with.

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Suitable items:
Jewellery and accessories eg hats
Dresses and skirts
Jackets and coats
Fancy dress items
Leotards, leggings, vests, onesies

Party Clothes Exchange Shangri-la glastonbury