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The Party Clothes Exchange

Exchange your pre loved party clothes for an amazing new (ish) outfit

The sustainable, free, Party Clothes Exchange 

Come and swap your pre loved party gear 

Get yourself some amazing new clothes and accessories while saying no thanks to fast fashion.

The Party Clothes Exchange is a zero waste, circular economy project.


The way it works:

Bring your pre loved garments to exchange for tokens to spend at the swap.
All items will be graded according to amazingness.
You’ll get different ‘value’ tokens depending on the quality of what you bring.

What is suitable?

Good condition clean clothing
Think…Sparkly, glittery, outrageous, costume, fancy, over the top, rave, party, festival, fun.
Clothes, and accessories accepted, no shoes

Festival clothes, Party garments, Headdresses, Amazing accessories, Shirts, Dresses and skirts, Jackets and coats, Fancy dress items, Leotards, leggings, vests, onesies and more . .

Want The Party Clothes Exchange to come to your event? get in touch

We want people to have access to good fun party gear. To look good and to feel good without costing the earth. This is a space packed with party clothing with on-site stylists to help you choose your new look.

A place where money doesn’t talk – or change hands at all.

A circular economy sustainable fashion project you can take part in, and party with!

We reserve the right to say no to unsuitable items that you’ll have to take away yourself. We are discerning to keep the quality of garments high!

Please note:
NO traders or people we suspect will be selling on swapped items. This is not in the spirit of what we’re doing.