Sew Fabulous in Sewing World Magazine

Last year we were asked to contribute an article to Sewing World magazine. We work closely with the Love Your Clothes campaign, which is part of the UK wide organisation WRAP, and they commissioned the piece. The article was themed around up-cycling and the reuse of clothing – so it was right up my street, this being one of my favourite areas to work in.

I spent a few days scouring the charity shops on Brighton’s London Road and bought a selection of gloves. Some of the shops had to dig around in the back to find some as it was summertime and there’s not much call for gloves when it’s hot.

Then I began to play around with different ideas and different fabrics. I knew people at home would have all kinds of gloves so providing ideas suited to different fabrics and sizes and colours would be the best thing. I don’t often get the chance to be that creative so it was a great opportunity to make stuff and see what happened. I ended up creating a selection of fun and easy to make animal finger puppets. We really like them and think they will appeal to families. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not turn that stray lonely glove into a fun family of characters. The storytelling is down to you.

We have created a whole selection of tutorials on our website themed around reuse and up-cycling. Check them out here

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