Cocoon & Me Arm Knitting Workshop at Sew Fabulous

On Saturday 6th October 2018 We welcomed Paula from Cocoon & Me in to run another of her fantastic workshops. The room was packed as the workshop was fully booked and by all accounts people had an amazing time.

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We interviewed Paula, here’s a little bit more about her.

Tell us a little about yourself, what’s your creative background?

I grew up in an environment buzzing with creativity from an early age playing in my mothers studio in Covent Garden .

I studied both Fashion & Textiles specialising in knitwear at Middlesex. After finishing university I enjoyed a successful career as a designer & creative director in the fashion industry.

In 2016 I started Cocoon&me, creating handmade textile items for you & your home.  This organically grew & I now hold workshops that incorporate my designs & share the love of different crafts.

What’s the workshop you’ve been running?

I have been running different macrame workshops, plant hangers, wall vases & wall hangings. Also I run lots of modern crochet workshops, creating plant holders, baskets & bags. And finally, Arm knitted blankets have been the most popular this year!

What challenges do you face as an artist?

Its hard selling work that has been handmade as you can never put a real value on the time it takes to create a piece. Also going from a salary to an ad hoc income has its challenges but at the moment the benefits far out way this.

What brings you the most joy about your work?

I really enjoy designing & making something with my hands. Its also really rewarding passing on those skills to students & seeing the same everyone go away with the same feelings of achievement at the end of each of my various workshops.

How do you incorporate environmental issues and sustainability into your work?

I like to use recycled yarns where possible, my crochet hooks are made from recycled plastics & have close link with a local cafe who provide me with catering tins as pots for my macrame plant hanger workshops.

What do you do to gain inspiration?

I get inspiration from all sorts of things which I think is normal if you are a creating person. My work is unfussy, simple in design & texture with a love for colour.

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