Re-Skill, Re-Use, Re-Fashion

Re-skill. Re-use. Re-fashion

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Come and discover what to do with your old clothes.  The free event your unloved clothes have been waiting for.
On Saturday the 28th March Sew Fabulous are hosting an event at Brighton Open Market
10 am til 5pm

Every year 300,000 tons of clothing goes to landfill in the UK.
Re-Skill. Re-Use. Re-Fashion will change how you see your clothes forever.

Creative and skills based workshops:
Sign up on the day for workshops with local textiles artists, designers and makers.
-visible mending
-creative sewing
-beginners basics

Clothes swap
Bring your pre-loved garments and exchange them for tokens to ‘spend’ in our swap.
Bring your clothes and exchange them for tokens from 10am. Swap from 1.30-4pm.

Textile recycling and community groups
There are 77 textile bins located around the city managed by City Clean.
Profits from the sale of clothing goes to the Communities Fund where small community groups directly benefit.
Meet:  The recycling team. Find out what happens to ALL of your donations.
Meet:  The community groups that directly benefit from funds
Meet: The communities team from Brighton and Hove City Council

-Soex Textile recycling. Find out what happens to your donated clothing and textiles
-Community groups who have benefited from your donations
-Circular Brighton and Hove
-Super looper
-The Textile Review
-Gladrags Community Costume Resource

The Up-cycling challenge
Want to show off your skills?
Throughout the day individuals or small teams are invited to undertake The Up-cycling Challenge. We’ll provide the sewing machines and you’ll transform old clothes into something completely new and fabulous.
Prizes for the best creations.

Sew Fabulous are proud to announce that Professor of sustainable fashion, Sandy Black will be holding a talk on fashion and sustainability at 4pm

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