Sew Fabulous Creative Craft Kits 


As part of our work in 2020 we were funded by Arts Council England to design and distributed over 200 creative craft kits for local families living on a low income.

Each kit contains almost everything needed to make the project (apart from the scissors!) they include all materials and sewing things, large fold out colour instruction sheets and pattern pieces.

There are supporting ‘how to’ films to go alongside the kits, so people can watch and learn if that’s easier for them. Have a look here!

The next step for us is to produce more kits for sale, we are working on a model of ‘buy one, donate one’ the donated kits would go to local food banks, schools and community organisations for distribution. 

If you are interested in selling our kits, promoting our project and being involved we would love to hear from you.

sock monkey craft kit
sugar skull craft kit
Applique craft kit
pencil case craft kit